Two cuts: straight or fitted. The finishing touch: a fabric made with thick yarn for a stiffer feel, rendering the trench more disciplined. Structured. For a pared-down, sophisticated look. A nod to the officer's coat it once was. But with a finer thread count the fabric becomes more flexible, the trench becomes mobile. Fluid. Highlighting the elegance of each movement. Who is the man in the Sandro trench? It's up to you to tame him. And to make it your own. Made of cotton gabardine, the ultimate in unisex, sculptural, carefree elegance. Wild and free.

Trends come and go, the trench is forever. Streamlined and proud. The classic look gets an inspired update from Maison Sandro. With his raised collar, double-breasted fastening and his hands in the raglan pockets, he can take on Paris, the wind and anyone who comes his way. Originally created by the British Army and immortalised by new wave music icons such as Ian Curtis from Joy Division, the trench comes in three versions: Coltrane, Jazz and Magnetic. For those who wish to embody timeless masculine style.

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