Le Costume

Should we use Super 120s wool? Shaped, hemmed, starched, ironed. The drawing comes to life. The man’s story begins to unravel... Suiting up sends a message. Insolent in leather. Indolent in a trench. Chic in a three-piece. The suit weaves into his soul. The man is reinvented through the rhythm of one discrete symbol - Sandro -

More than a simple garment, a well-made suit is a uniform. A timeless symbol of the conventional world that’s just waiting to be reinvented. It’s the man who makes the suit. Not the other way around. It’s up to him to rock it. Everything begins with a sketch. The outline of a figure, structured lines, a minimalist cut and voilà the framework for the man of the next season is born. Enter into the workshop. The music lends a hand as the tempo sways and the seamstress plays. Pattern layout, pin cushion, pocket, placket. Patience… Shades of blue or an uncommon hue?

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